Grace Lynskey talks Organ Donation Week on BBC Breakfast

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Launching the official Save9Lives Organ Donation Week campaign, Jim’s twin sister Grace Lynskey appeared on BBC Breakfast to talk about Jim’s fantastic work with Save9Lives, and how his family intend to continue his legacy.

“Jim put so much energy into his Save9Lives campaign and really pushed towards the emphasis around people having that conversation. The law is changing and that’s great progress, but it’s imperative that people know - even if it’s just a throwaway comment - what you would have wanted.”

In Spring 2020, the organ donation law in England is changing to an opt-out system, which means that everybody will be considered an organ donor. However, donation can still be blocked if your family say no to donation, so it’s crucial that - if you wish to donate your organs if the worst happened - you tell your family your wishes.

I don’t think a lot of people realise the impact that filters out to people’s families and friends affected. [The opt-out system] a great step forward and it will increase the amount of donors, but I think what we really need to push is that can still be overridden by families if they don’t know what that person would have wanted.”

“In a way, I feel quite lucky to have this legacy from him to continue, and continue the amazing work that he did saving people’s lives. He made such an impact, I feel it really has to continue.”

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