Little Comets CO-FOUND Save9lives by playing a gig around the great north run

Little Comets completed a world record at The Great North Run 2016 to raise awareness of the Save9Lives campaign. The indie band hope that their novel efforts, featured on BBC Breakfast, will get people talking about organ donation.

 Little Comets play a gig around The Great North Run for Save9Lives.

Little Comets play a gig around The Great North Run for Save9Lives.

Save9Lives & TheBHF Acoustic NighT

Save9Lives host their first acoustic festival in partnership with The British Heart Foundation in April 2018. The event was covered by The Chronicle, Spark FM and Radio Tyneside.

The night saw Anna McLuckie, Cape Cub and Tom Mouse Smith take to the stage, where fans acknowledged the subject of organ donation.

Watch highlights of the night, here.

The calibre of acts who helped raise awareness for Save9Lives on this night really did mean alot, and showed how much people care about the subject of organ donation. To attract Anna McLuckie from The Voice UK really was humbling, as well as Tom who has heart problems himself.
— Jim Lynskey, Save9Lives Founder

Music artists on board with save9lives

Many music artists have taken to the vibrancy of the Save9Lives Campaign. Since Little Comets’ extraordinary efforts, the likes of The Script, Elton John and Rod Stewart have spoken of their admiration for the campaign’s organ donation initiative.



UK festivals have shown support to Save9Lives in many ways. Jim Lynskey, campaign founder, often speaks at music events, as well as ticket giveaways and adverts to encourage younger audiences to consider organ donation.